Cleaning & Care Instructions

bubu design sheepskin rug brownSheepskin rugs are wonderfully soft and luxurious under your feet, in any season and every climate. They are comfortable year round as they are delightfully warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. These rugs add not just comfort, but also texture and style to your home. Sheepskin rugs are easy to care for, as the wool fiber is sturdy and durable. Moreover, it is naturally resistant to spills and soiling, which makes it a low maintenance area rug. In fact, regular sheepskin rug cleaning is very basic. However, for deep cleaning, there is a certain procedure to follow, as well as things to keep in mind to avoid. For basic dust removal, sheepskin rugs should be brushed with a wire brush or vacuumed with an attachment. This process can be repeated weekly, depending on foot traffic in your home. However, allergic individuals and pet owners can vacuum or brush more often. Sheepskin wool is a natural fiber that resists soiling, so it is easy to clean. When spills do occur, blotting them gently and spot cleaning with cold to lukewarm water is often enough to take care of the problem. However, for particularly tough stains, using sheepskin shampoo works wonders. We do not recommend to wash our sheepskins. However, medical grade sheepskins can be washed on a wool wash cycle, on a low temperature, in a washing machine no hotter than 30 degrees (cold wash / luke water), using a teaspoon of non-biological washing powder. We also suggest that by adding a teaspoon of glycerine to the water this may help to keep the skin side supple. Do not use biological washing powders, soap based powders, soap flakes or conditioners, or any detergent containing enzymes. Please be advised - DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry on a radiator, DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT wash in hot water - this may result in skin hardening and shrinkage.
Sometimes a more professional clean is needed and to do this we recommend to use professional dry cleaners.