About Us

Bubu-Design understands the importance of quality and style. We are proud to introduce a unique line of sheepskin rugs, throws, cowhides and other naturally and organically harvested decorative pieces for your interiors. All of the sheepskin rugs on our offer are unique; their luxurious dense coats and gorgeous pale-cream & caramel tones make them statement pieces throughout your home. Did we mention that they are processed humanely and in an environmentally friendly method - meaning that no nasty chemicals have been used in production. Our rugs, throws and hides are original – they are not perfectly cut, rather, they slightly vary in shape and colour from the ones on the pictures to give an individual flare. Our line is modern and luxurious and is suitable for all types of flooring as a substitute for plush and synthetic rugs. Sheepskin throws are also a great and practical addition to revitalise an armchair, sofa or bed.